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Chronology of the terrorist attacks in the history of USA

The history of the terrorist actions within the confinements of the Usa begins in September of 1920, when a group of presumed anarchists completes an attack to Wall Street (New York), causing the death of 40 people.
During 81 years, from the September 1920 to September 10 th 2001, in total, in the Usa and in his territories out of the confinements, for terrorist causes, less than have died a little bit a thousand of people. In one day this sad record has been pulverized. Victims’ number caused by the attacks to the Twin Towers and the Pentagon September 11 th 2001 could be of 20mila.
An impressive number, difficult to understand if don’t be made any comparisons. Ventimilas are the alpine fallen during the country of Russia during the second world war. Ventimilas are the victims civil libanesis of 22 years of Israeli occupation in Lebanon. Ventimilas are almost as the actual inhabitants of Enna.
The history of the Usa has been studded however of attacks to their damages. Here is a chronology of the American black ” days “.

September 16 th 1920: an attack to Wall Street (vindicated by presumed anarchists) cause the death of 40 people.

March 6 th 1970: in the district in Greenwich Village in New York three activists of the Weathermen, a clandestine organization of ultrasinistra, dies in the accidental burst of an auto-produced bomb.

January 24 th 1975. Four people die following an explosive attack vindicated by the organization portoricana Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional.

December 29 th 1975. The detonation of a bomb in the spaces of flight of the company TWA in the airport You Watch in New York causes the death of 11 people and the ferimento of others 58.
Different organizations vindicate the attack, but never yes you/he/she is known who has been the author.

April 1983. A suicidal attack against the American embassy of Beirut provokes the death of 63 people, 17 are American.

October 1983. A suicidal truck explodes in an American barracks to Beirut: 241 soldiers die.

April 1985. A bomb explodes in a restaurant of a base American to madrid: 18 Spaniards and 15 Americans die.

October 7 th 1985. A command of terrorist palestinesis seizes the ship Italian Achille Lauro. The Hebrew is murdered American, paralytic, Leon Klinghoffer. According to Abu Abbas, responsible of the deviation, the killing of Klinghoffer was a ” accident ” because the command, open to edge, lost head and it disobeyed to the orders. In reality, always according to Abu Abbas, the Achille Laurel had to be uses for reaching Ashdod, in Israel, to complete an armed action against Israel.

November 1985. Some pirates of the air kill a passenger American on a flight of the EgyptAir. The case will be closed in a bath of blood (60 corpses) following the interventions of the Egyptian safety body.

December 1985. Two commands you commit suicide Arabs they simultaneously attach the check-ins of the TWA and the El Á the in the airports in Vienna and Rome. 20 people and the four terrorists will die.

April 1986. An explosion tears the fuselage of an aircraft of the TWA in flight on Athens. Miraculously two will be only the corpses. A few days later a bomb explode in a disco Berliner frequented by American soldiers. Also in this occasion two will be the victims.

December 1988. A Boeing 747 of the Bread American World Airways is broken to Lockerbie, in Scotland, causing 259 corpses.

February 26 th 1993. An autobomba explodes in the underground garages of the World Trade Center killing six people and causing the ferimento of around a thousand. The year following four Islamic fundamentalists (among which the sheikh Omar Abderrahman and the performer Ramsi Ahmed Jussef) you/they are condemned to a total of 240 years of detention with the accusation to be the authors and the planners of the attack.

December 21 st 1994. The explosion of a bomb in the subway in New York hurts 45 people. The author, a citizen American, unemployed, is arrested.

April 19 th 1995. The black day of America. An autobomba explodes in front of a federal building: 168 the victims. The assassin, Timothy McVeigh, is an ex military exponent of the wing of the ultradestra American. You/he/she will be executed in 2001.

November 1995. An attack against the American military center of Ryad kills 7 people. Five are American.

June 1996. Military area of Khobar, Saudi Arabia: 19 soldiers American pardon the life following an attack.

July 1996. A bomb to the Olympic games of alanta causes the death of 2 people and the ferimento of others 110.

February 23 rd 1997. A shot palestinese kills a person and hurts other six of it in to fill State Building in New York. Subsequently it is committed suicide. It immediately will be discovered after the murderer brought with itself a letter in which you/he/she declared his hate towards the Zionism and of whoever you/he/she sustained him/it.

August 1998. Made an attempt explosive against the American embassies to Nairobi (Kenya), and to Give es Salaam (Tanzania) they cause the death of 224 people, among which 12 Americans.

February 11 th 2000. An explosive attack in the heart of Wall Street causes material damages to the buildings, without there is shedding of blood.

October 2000. A loaded boat of explosives is broken against an American war ship in the I bring of Aden, in the Yemen, killing 17 marineses.